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Welcome to NTU Archery!


If you are interested in joining NTU in September, and you want to join the Archery Club you're in the right place! 

Scroll down to meet the committee and see our social media which you can use to get in conact with us if you have any questions. You can click below to find out more about Arhcery at NTU or see some of the fequently asked questions with answers from our committee if you are unsure about anything. 

Our committee will be around on social media all day to answer any questions you have, or if you just want to say hi!

Meet The Committee

Hannah Castleman


"I’m a 3rd year student studying Biomedical Science. I was part of an archery club when I was child for a few years. I joined the club to re-spark my interest in archery as I missed shooting. I had to restart from scratch, and it is now my 3rd year of archery. My main bow style is recurve."

Tom Kirkbride


"I have been with club for two years now and started in my second year. From the start the club was a friendly place to be and is one of the many reasons why I stayed at the club. Through the socials I have developed friendships which I would happily say will last past my time at the university."

Connor O'Neill


"I'm a second year physics student and I took up archery as a beginner at the start of my first year"

Heather Armour

Marketing and

Communications Officer

"I am studying Graphic Design and had done archery when I was younger and decided to take it back up when I got to University. I'm glad I did and that the club was a very friendly and welcoming place"

Joe Last



"I am studying BSc Chemistry and I've been shooting for just over a year, joining as a beginner in my first year. Archery was a sport I didn't know much about and wanted to try after moving to Nottingham Trent."

Hywel Jenkins

Social and Wellbeing Officer

"I study Computing BSc and I only took up Archery this year. I immediately found it fun and I can't wait to return to shooting next year!"

Martyn Gray

Social and Wellbeing Officer

"I started doing archery in 2017 during my first year at NTU and my biggest achievement with NTU Archery was winning the very prestigious and highly desired Mars Bar award not once but twice! No other Archer in the Club’s history has ever achieved this feat."



Nottingham Trent Archery Club


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